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The Twin Tarot Oracle Deck


creatrix - Jeni Bethell and illustrator - Rachael Hammond 

Saturday November 9th @ 2.00pm

Well-known Tarot reader, teacher and writer, Jeni Bethell, and talented artist, Rachael Hammond – both from Melbourne - have created a beautiful Twin Tarot Oracle Deck. It is unique in that it has expanded the Major Arcana from 22 to 44 cards without losing the integrity of the Tarot. Unique also because it can be equally appreciated and enjoyed purely as an oracle, or as a creative and expansive Major Arcana reading deck. 

At the presentation Jeni and Rachael will describe and demonstrate the history of the Twin Tarot Oracle’s ‘birth’, demonstrate different ways in which it may be used and appreciated, take audience questions and be available for deck signings.

June Bethell

Jeni Bethell (Melbourne, Australia) is a tarot teacher, reader and writer who has been sharing her broad knowledge of, and passion for tarot with clients and students for the past 25 years. From a teaching background, and with a Masters degree in Women’s Spirituality, Jeni is also the author of many published articles and the creator of the Twin Tarot Oracle. She is presently working on another, exciting tarot deck.

Rachael Hammond

Rachael Hammond (Melbourne, Australia) is an illustrator, artist and graphic designer. Specialising in various mediums including digital, watercolour, coloured pencil and graphite, Rachael focuses on wildlife and fantasy themes in her art. She has produced artwork for singer/song writers Wendy Rule and Louisa John-Krol and her work has appeared in Fae Magazine (UK). Working on the Twin Tarot Oracle provided an avenue in which to deepen her understanding of tarot symbolism and bring it to life in visual form.

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Kirk Fisher

Saturday December 14th @ 2.00 pm

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closer to the date, following soon)

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