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Special Events

Conversations at the T.S. Bookshop. Eve Dembowski: Defining Astrology. Saturday 9 March 2pm – 3.30pm. Meeting Room, 1st Floor, 126 Russell Street.
Tel: 03 9650 3955 - Free event. Eve Dembowski is a practising astrologer, flower essence therapist, published writer and lecturer, with a particular interest in horary & traditional astrology. Her ruling planet Jupiter directs her passion for reconnecting people to the power and magic of their astrological lineage through her teaching. She is a tutor for the School of Traditional Astrology and wrote the Foundation of Astrology course. The state of the world mirrors our modern obsession with matter and individuality. For over 2000 years astrology focused less on the individual and more on our relationship to the Divine. Is it time to reclaim the wisdom of the past and redefine astrology in accordance with its lineage? STA: School of Traditional Astrology © 2019 Email Eve Dembowski Astrological Mind website

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